Infineon – New Generation 5 SiC Diodes Enables a New Level of Efficiency and Reliability

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The implementation of highly efficient, compact and simple 3-phase inverter systems are currently limited by silicon devices’ high dynamic losses operating at 1200V voltages. Alternative designs using 600V/650V devices can partially improve efficiency. However, they come at the expense of more complicated (3-level) topologies with complex control schemes and more power components.

Infineon’s 1200V SiC diode combined with a Si high speed 3 IGBT enables simpler 2-level topologies due to its zero reverse recovery losses. It also delivers 40% lower Si IGBT turn-on losses and reduced EMI. Moreover, an improved thermal performance now reduces the junction temperature by 15% compared to a silicon based solution – increasing system reliability as well as the possibility to increase output power in a given form factor.

The static losses of the SiC diode often limit the optimization potential of Si IGBT/SiC diode solutions. To fix this, the generation 5 diode comes with a reduction of forward voltage and its temperature dependency to reduce static losses and thereby the price to performance. The new generation 5 is targeted for use in solar inverters, UPS systems, motor drives and 3-phase SMPS.

1200V Si IGBT + SiC diode or ultrafast Si diode in a boost stage topology, fSW = 20kHz


  • Best in class forward voltage (VF)
  • No reverse recovery charge
  • Mild positive temperature dependency of VF
  • Best in class surge current capability
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Up to 40A rated diode


  • Solar inverters
  • UPS
  • 3-phase SMPS
  • Motor drives


  • Highest system efficiency
  • Improved system efficiency at low switching frequencies
  • Increased power density at high switching frequencies
  • Higher system reliability
  • Reduced EMI

Product Portfolio

Continuous Forward Current IF [A]TO-252 2-Pin (DPAK)TO-220 2-PinTO-247

* “B” refers to common-cathode configuration