Panasonic – Offering A Wide Range of Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications


PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Panasonic is a leading supplier of specialty sensor technologies, offering a wide array of sensor types including acceleration, angular, PIR motion, pressure, temperature and the new Grid-EYE infrared array sensor technology.

PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Simplified circuitry with fully integrated sensor design. Only 1mA current consumption, suitable for battery-driven wireless equipment. No-Lead (Pb) eco-friendly sensor.


Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor: Automotive and Industrial Applications
8 x 8 (64) pixel array infrared detection sensor. Digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction and temperature values. The built-in lens includes a 60-degree viewing angle. Compact SMD design using MEMS technology. Applications include: digital signage, security, lighting control, kiosk/ ATM, medical imaging, automatic doors, thermal mapping, people counting and robotics.


Air Pressure Sensors: Automotive and Industrial Applications
High precision gauge pressure sensors available with and without amplifier. Available with/without glass base in DIP terminal. Pressure ratings ranging from -100kPa to 1,000kPa. Applications include: pressure switches, pneumatic devices, blood pressure monitors, clean rooms, oxygen concentrators, respiratory equipment, and air beds.

PaPIRsGrid-Eye Infrared ArrayAir Pressure
EKMB SeriesAMG8831ADP51x Series
EKMC SeriesAMG8832ADP4 Series
AMN2 SeriesAMG8851ADP1 Series
AMN3 SeriesAMG8852
AMN4 Series