TDK – Capacitors – EMI Suppression
EMI Suppression Capacitors from EPCOS meet extreme safety requirements and are available for suppression classes X2, X1, Y2 and Y1. EMI suppression capacitors are used to suppress any noise from an electronic device by reducing the input impedance of the device.


  • EPCOS has a wide variety of X2 series for across the line applications
  • Different series of products offer unique features such as high pulse load capability, high capacitance stability over the lifetime, and over harsh operating conditions such as high humidity and high temperature
  • Each series comply and is approved under safety standards, UL, ENEC, CSA and CQC

APPLICATIONS (X2 – B3292x/B3293)

  • Standard
    - Home appliances
    - Lighting
    - Power supplies
    - Speakers
  • High humidity
    - Micro inverters
    - Outdoor LED lighting
    - EV automotive
  • Extreme environmental conditions
    - Smart meters
    - EV automotive
    - Solar inverters (micro inverters)


  • 305VAC and +110°C
  • Wide capacitance range
  • X2 EMI capacitors satisfy the increasing need for filtering RF/high current harmonics in the smallest possible size device/component
  • UL 60384-14 and other international ratings
  • Compact designs
  • AEC-Q200 versions available
  • Extreme humidity tested under:
    - B3292xH/J: 85%RH/85°C/240Vac/1000 hrs
    - B3293xA/B: 85%RH/85°C/290Vac/1000 hrs
    - B3292xA/B4: 85%RH/85°C/330Vac/1000 hrs