TE Connectivity – FASTON Terminals: Speed of Application, Uniform Reliability, Low Per Line Cost

These advantages have made TE Connectivity’s (TE) FASTON terminal products the industry leader in the appliance and automotive industries. The same advantages continue to attract more users.

The FASTON terminal product line includes Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Fast Plus and Ultra-Pod fully insulated FASTON terminals, as well as Positive Lock receptacles consisting of receptacles, tabs and splices specifically designed for quick connections. FASTON products are grouped according to tab width dimensions in series 312, 250, 205, 187, 125 and 110.

Speed of application is achieved through the use of application tools for which a complete line has been developed specifically for these terminals.

Precisely controlled crimping specifications for each FASTON terminal allow all connections to perform as specified. Low per line costs are derived from low initial product costs, high application speeds, and plug-in assemblies of the finished termination.

Ergonomic low insertion force receptacles, Positive Lock RAST 5 connectors, Ultra-Pod Positive Lock, C-Crimp flags, numerous housings and their ever expanding offering of printed circuit board tabs and receptacles are examples of recent additions to the FASTON product family.

(Insulation and Configuration)

  • Insulated and uninsulated
  • Straight and flag configurations
  • Stress relieved receptacles
  • Various plating options
  • Positive Lock connector solutions
  • High temperature solutions
  • Application tooling


  • Major household appliances
  • Countertop appliances
  • Industrial machinery
  • Control cabinets
  • HVAC equipment
  • Passenger cars, trucks and buses
  • Off-road equipment
  • Rail cars