Vishay – The Ideal Optocoupler: IL300 Linear, High-Bandwidth, Constant Gain Optocoupler

Optocouplers that feature an LED isolated from a phototransistor provide excellent isolation and electrical performance for most analog power applications. Yet standard couplers experience gain drift as well as limited bandwidth. In applications where a rock-steady gain, high bandwidth, and excellent linearity are required, the IL300 is the closest thing to an ideal analog isolator that can be found.

The IL300 family of couplers fills in the gaps left by standard couplers in a simple yet effective package; furthermore, Vishay offers a simple evaluation board to quickly evaluate new designs.


  • Served constant output LED
  • High-bandwidth photodetectors
  • Linear response 0.01%
  • VISO 5300VRMS


  • High-performance power supplies
  • Industrial analog control loops