Linx Technologies – An Internet of Things Products and Services Provider

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Linx Technologies makes wireless simple by developing and manufacturing wireless products that are easy for engineers of all skill levels to use. The company’s RF modules, remote controls, antennas, evaluation kits and master development systems feature straightforward hardware configuration and clear documentation. Linx products make it simple to integrate wireless features without the hassle and expense of engineering RF functionality from scratch.

Linx strives to make every engineer a hero in record timeTM by minimizing the risk, delays and technical challenges for design engineers to implement wireless in their products. Unlike other module producers, every aspect of our product and design experience is specifically crafted to achieve Wireless Made SimpleTM.

With the addition of Smartlinx®, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Linx offers solutions from the wireless componentry and electronics to cloud services, data management and user interface solutions. With this customers can remotely connect and control, record, store, analyze, and visualize their information. Linx’s flexible Smartlinx® IoT platform offers custom web and smart device application tailored for the customer’s applications. Performance made affordable.

Added Capabilities to Provide Complete IoT Solutions
As a highly customizable end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Smartlinx® takes care of everything a design engineer needs to connect their product to the Internet and unlock myriad capabilities, conveniences and value-addded services. Smartlinx is the Internet of Things Made SimpleTM.

Low Cost, High Performance RF Modules and Gateways
Designed with cost and high performance in mind from the start, Linx introduces the Hummingbird and Raven Platforms. At below $10 in volume, Hummingbird is the lowest cost complete wideband transceiver with microcontroller modules on the market today. The new Raven Series is a low power module that has multiple interface support, including 80.15.4, 6LoWPAN, and thread.