Renesas – What Makes The Renesas Synergy Platform Unique?

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Unlike other embedded development environments, all the Renesas SynergyTM Platform elements were designed from the ground up as a single platform. These elements include the Synergy Software Package (SSP), MCUs, Tools & Kits, Solutions and the Renesas SynergyTM Gallery. They provide unprecedented scalability and compatibility, allowing unparalleled code reuse. The platform will continue to grow, adding new technologies and features over time, to keep your products on the cutting edge without new investments.
The SSP is developed with software development standards including ISO/IEC 12207 for Software Development Lifecycle and MISRA C:2012 for coding guidelines. It has undergone rigorous qualification and testing and is professionally maintained by Renesas as a product.

  • Simple online software licensing through Renesas for the SSP enables full use, and maintenance is available at no charge.
  • With active SSP registration, there are no limitations in use of the SSP, regardless of the number of manufactured end products, MCUs used, or engineering development seats.
  • With an active SSP registration in place, there is no maintenance fee to access SSP updates and upgrades during the entire lifetime of your end product.
  • Technical support for the Renesas Synergy Platform is included throughout the lifetime of the product.
  • The price of each Renesas Synergy MCU includes product support, maintenance, and the right to use the SSP during the development and production phases of all your end products.
  • Software add-ons are available to the SSP for specialized functions from Renesas or from select third-party vendors.

Want to evaluate the Renesas SynergyTM Platform?
To begin your evaluation of the Synergy Platform, get the S7G2 Starter Kit (P/N: YSSKS7G2E30) from Future Electronics today. This low-cost kit will allow you access to the entire Synergy Platform and full use of the Synergy Software Package (SSP). Once you have the kit, register on the Renesas SynergyTM Gallery.
Renesas Synergy Gallery

  • Showroom website for access to Renesas Synergy Platform ecosystem of software, tools, and services
  • All licensing and downloading of Renesas Synergy tools, SSP, demonstrations, and qualified software add-ons from Renesas
  • Browse and download verified software add-on components, tools, and services from third-party suppliers

Here Are More Options To Evaluate Renesas Synergy
DevCon Seminars are in-city and in-person events. Our experts will demonstrate how to create a Renesas SynergyTM project from concept to working prototype. You’ll be able to configure and use modules from each layer to see how they are integrated, work as a platform and allow application development from the API level. These are free of charge, and all attendees will take home a Synergy S7G2 Starter Kit.

DevCon Online features DevCon Seminar course material converted to an online format to give you convenient access to the powerful laboratory sessions from our live seminar trainings. Plus, we‘ll host live webinar events featuring industry experts who will take your questions during the webinar. Register now to view content and download materials. Look for opportunities at our monthly drawings for prizes and more.

Renesas Synergy design experts will meet with you to understand your overall design and work with you on those pieces that are most critical. Best of all, since these design partners were trained and certified by Renesas, we stand behind their commitment to support you. With the help of Renesas and our network of strategic Renesas Synergy certified design house partners, your next design project will be quicker and easier than ever.

40 FREE DESIGN HOURS! Register here for 40 Free Hours with our Renesas Synergy design partners.