TE Connectivity – Axicom IM Signal Relays

The Axicom IM family of 4th generation signal relays from TE Connectivity (TE) offers a broad feature set, permitting users to closely match a relay with the requirements of applications ranging from telecommunication systems and test equipment to industrial controls and driver information systems in automobiles and medical applications.

Bifurcated contacts are available in arrangements through 2 form C (2 CO). These very compact polarized relays are offered as latching and non- latching types. Nominal voltage ranges from 1.5V to 24V, and coil power consumption is 50mW to 200mW depending upon the model. Various types include standard (2A), high current (5A), high dielectric and high contact stability models.

Available in both low profile and narrow case styles, TE’s IM relays can be ordered with surface mount or through-hole terminals. Dielectric strength fulfills the Telcordia requirements according to GR 1089 (2.5kV – 2μs/10μs) and FCC part 68 (1.5kV – 10μs/160μs).


  • Slim line 10 x 6mm, low profile 5.65mm and min. board-space 60mm2
  • Switching current 2/5A, switching power 60W/62.5VA and switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC
  • Low coil power consumption, 140mW standard, 100mW for high sensitive version, 50mW for ultra high sensitive version and 100mW for bistable version
  • High dielectric and surge capability up to 2500VRMS between open contacts and 2500VRMS between coil and contacts
  • High mechanical shock resistance up to 50g functional


  • Telecommunication
  • Access and transmission equipment
  • Optical network terminals
  • Modems
  • Office and business equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Measurement and test equipment, industrial control, medical equipment, HVAC