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C&K is a leader in interface and switch technology. C&K offers more than 55,000 part numbers that are built, priced and delivered as standard catalog items, including a comprehensive range of tactile, toggle, rocker, push-button, rotary, key, slide, DIP, and illuminated switch products along with smart card connectors.

The HDT Series detect switch sits just 3.5mm off the PC board and is designed for both top and side actuation.


  • Low profile package
  • Design allows top or side actuation
  • Low actuation force, 35 grams max.


  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical devices, ATCA and MicroTCA devices

DIP: RTE Series
The RTE Series low-profile rotary DIP switches provide improved contrast marking and lifespan as opposed to others on the market. They feature a wider variety of positions as well as coding, shaft and termination combinations for increased versatility in various applications.


  • Miniature size with robust metal cover in black or silver nickel finish
  • Large choice of codings
  • Vertical or reverse version


  • Timers, automation components
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Alarms, access control, smoke detectors

TACT: KSC Series
The KSC Series is a system where configurations can be combined to deliver a complete switch solution. Actuators, domes, and housings can be mixed in order to obtain the right dimension, haptics and resistance to meet environmental requirements. By offering the right mix, the KSC Series can match specific customer requirements in terms of haptics and durability.


  • Positive adaptable tactile feeling
  • Soft actuator and hard actuator at 3,5mm high
  • Soft actuator at 5,2mm high
  • IP67


  • Industrial electronics
  • Consumer products
  • Automotive

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