Fairchild – FAN54511: 3.2A Dual Input, Switch Mode Charger with Power Path

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The FAN5451x family of chargers includes an I2C controlled 3.2A USB-compliant switch-mode charger. To facilitate fast system start-up, the IC includes an optimized power path circuit which also accurately measures battery currents during charging and provides low impedance during discharge. The charging parameters and operating modes are programmable through an I2C interface. Charge status is reported back to the host through the I2C port and the /STAT pin. The FAN5451x provides battery charging in three modes: Pre-Charge (IPP), Constant Current (CC) and Constant Voltage (CV).

• Power path circuit ensures fast system start-up with a dead battery
• Charge current programmable up to 3.2A
• ±5% charge current regulation accuracy
• 22VDC withstand voltage on VBus
• -2V input reverse polarity protection
• 95% charge efficiency
• 10mV float voltage accuracy
• 5V, 1.5A boost mode for USB OTG
• 13.25V maximum input operating voltage
• 63-bump 0.4mm pitch WLCSP package