New Japan Radio – NJU9101: Low Power Analog Front End for Electrochemical Gas Sensor

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The NJU9101 is a low power analog front end IC that integrates two channel low power operational amplifiers, a low power A/D converter, and signal processing circuits into one package. The built-in operational amplifiers deployed the New JRC’s circuit design technology to achieve not only high precision, low noise, but also low power consumption. The NJU9101 has multiple functions of gain compensation, offset voltage compensation, and temperature drift compensation which simplify various gas sensor detections and shorten system development time.

• 5.0μA amplifier current consumption
• 150μA ADC current consumption
• 1.3μVpp typ. noise over 0.1Hz to 10Hz
• 300μV max offset voltage
• I2C interface
• Strong RF immunity
• Built-in sensor disconnection detection function
• 1V/V to 8V/V programmable gain pre-amplifier
• Control external EEPROM as a master device
• EQFN-24-LE (4 x 4mm) package