Nicomatic – CrimpFlexTM 1.27mm Jumper Cables


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CrimpFlex jumper cables are dedicated to connections from board-to-board and available in 2 market standard pitches, 1.27mm and 2.54mm. Nicomatic jumper cables are a combination of flat flex cables (manufactured in the US) and CrimpFlex contacts and housings. They are made of flat copper conductors laminated between two layers of polyester/adhesive insulation and crimped with CrimpFlex male solder-tabs, female tin or gold plated connectors.

Nicomatic jumper cables allow for better retention compared to flat flex cables used with ZIF/LIF connectors thanks to a large choice of contacts and housings specifically designed for each use. Nicomatic’s CrimpFlex technology allows low contact resistance together with high mechanical strength, and guarantees high reliability and longer lifetime of the end product.

These lightweight and robust jumper cables provide the perfect solution for confined space requirements; with the ability to bend and flex, they can replace round cables in many applications and are the preferred choice for miniaturization needs. Nicomatic is the only supplier worldwide who manufactures both flat flexible cable and interconnects. Nicomatic’s in-house production uses standard processes and organization to produce both custom and standard products (any length and any number of pins) with short lead times and quality guaranteed.


  • UL VW-1 inflammability + UL E235596, 232192, 203388 certificates
  • -20% to -30% lighter vs. bulky discrete wires type AWG26
  • Temperature range -55°C to +105°C (polyester cable)
  • Up to 50 contacts crimped at a time with Nicomatic presses
  • 90° bending, crimping on the opposite side to left
  • 3A direct current rating per contact is the same level of performance as that of the 2.54mm pitch
  • 19N contact retention force far better than ZIF/LIF and other existing solutions



  • Tinned copper conductors (0.076 x 0.66mm)
  • Contacts: phosphor bronze
  • Housings: glass fiber filled thermoplastic


  • Flex life: >10 million cycles at 25mm bend radius
  • Crimp strength to flex cable per contact: 50N min. Electrical
  • Withstanding voltage: 900VRMS (rated 300VRMS)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1100V AC
  • Direct current rating per conductor: 3A
  • Resistance: 105Ω/km
  • Contact resistance: 15mΩ max. after 50 cycles


  • UL VW-1 classified
  • -55°C to +105°C operating temperature range