Schurter – Unique CEE Connector with Integrated Line Filter for 1- and 3-Phase Applications


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SCHURTER expands its range of power entry modules with the introduction of the FMAB and FMAD CEE connectors, according to IEC 60309, featuring a first of its kind integrated line filter for 1- and 3-phase industrial appliances and power distribution applications. The integrated filter optimizes suppression of conducted emissions by eliminating cables between the inlet and filter.


Industrial and commercial appliances continue to downsize and become more equipped with noise generating electronics, such as switch mode power supplies and frequency converters. This trend creates the need for more stringent EMC requirements and related product solutions to suppress unwanted interferences between appliances, and the environment. The new CEE connector with integrated line filter is based on an already proven industry solution used in lighter duty equipment, whereby an EMC filter is integrated with a connector according to IEC 60320. The concept simply eliminates wires between a panel mounted connector and discrete filter. These wires can vary in length and can cause EMC problems resulting from electromagnetic fields generated by a noise source inside the equipment, ultimately bypassing the filter! The new CEE connector with integrated filter solves this problem by making a direct connection between the filtered connector and its metal shield, which is grounded to the panel cut-out. It also saves a great deal of space and reduces parts count for assembly and inventory. The fully integrated unit can be mounted from the front or rear of the panel.


The new FMAB CEE series is suitable for single phase AC applications. It carries cURus approvals on versions rated 16 and 30A at 110/125 VAC, and ENEC, cURus approvals on versions rated 16 and 32 A at 125/250 VAC. The FMAD CEE for 3-phase applications carries cURus approval for the version rated 30A at 277/480 VAC, and ENEC, cURus for versions 16 and 32A at 240/415 VAC. The new filter series offers screw terminations. Operating temperature range is -40 to +85°C.

SCHURTER’s range of EMC solutions are characterized by technical expertise, innovative design, and diverse application. Ranging from simple inlet filters to completely custom designed block filters and nanocrystalline windings, SCHURTER is a leading global supplier of EMC products. As an established manufacturer and supplier of power entry modules with inline filters
for a wide variety of applications, SCHURTER’s FMAB and FMAD CEE connectors are expertly designed to meet the unique requirements of industrial and commercial machinery manufacturers.

FMAB CEE for 1-Phase AC Applications
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FMAD CEE for 3-Phase AC Applications
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