Yageo – High-Q, Soft Termination MLCCs for Telecom Applications

Global networking and telecommunications are developing at a tremendous speed. The volume of data flooding existing infrastructure is dramatically increasing, posing a growing challenge to base stations, routers, and switches.

In networking and telecom infrastructure applications, the top requirement is performance at frequencies with long term stability. They provide a medium to transfer data in a relatively high speed (bandwidth) between the network devices.

Yageo’s High-Q MLCC-CQ series can effectively reduce the power dissipation of wireless signal. Featured with a flexible termination system, Yageo‘s soft termination CS series MLCC can resist at least 3mm boardflex.

High-Q MLCC-CQ Series
• BME process with copper inner electrodes
• High-Q and low ESR in VHF, UHF and microwave frequency bands
• Tight tolerance (min. ±0.05pF)
• Suitable for PA design, telecommunications, wireless networking

Soft Termination MLCC-CS Series
• Flexible termination system
• Improved resistance to thermal stresses
• Increased mechanical performance
• Suitable for telecom base station and switch power supplies