Fairchild – FUSB302: USB Type-C Controller Compatible with Latest Type-C Specifications


Compatible with the latest updates to the USB Type-C standard, including Power Delivery (PD) specification, the FUSB302 was designed for use with existing microprocessors via the I2C protocol. This flexibility allows changes to the various USB Type-C specifications to be easily supported via firmware rather than hard- ware. The FUSB302 integrates the physical layer of the USB BMC power delivery protocol to allow up to 100W of power and role swap. The FUSB302 targets system designers looking to implement a DRP/SRC/SNK USB Type-C connector with low amount of programmability.

• Dual-role functionality with autonomous DRP toggle
• Full Type-C 1.1 support
• Support USB power delivery (PD) 2.0, version 1.1
• Dead battery support
• 25μA low power operation
• Ability to connect as either a host or a device based on what has been attached.
• Integrates CCx to VCONN switch with overcurrent limiting
• Software configurable either as a dedicated host, dedicated device, or dual role
• 9-Ball WLCSP and 14-lead MLP packages