Infineon – TLE4966-2K: Highly Integrated Hall Sensor Reduces Systems Costs


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The TLE4966-2K is an integrated circuit dual Hall-effect sensor designed specifically for highly accurate applications. Precise magnetic switching points and high temperature stability are achieved by active compensation circuits and chopper techniques on-chip. The sensor provides two independent speed outputs at Q1 and Q2 with the status (high or low) corresponding to the magnetic field value at the respective Hall element H1 and H2. Due to the spatial distance of the two Hall elements on the chip (d = 1.45mm) the two output signals will show a phase difference in case the sensor is used with a rotating magnetized pole wheel.

• 2.7V to 24V supply voltage operation
• Operation from unregulated power supply
• -18V reverse battery protection
• Peak temperatures up to +195°C
• 1μs jitter
• Two independent speed outputs
• High resistance to mechanical stress by Active Error Compensation
• High sensitivity and high stability of the magnetic switching points
• Superior temperature stability
• Digital output signals
• Excellent matching of the 2 Hall probes
• SMD package PG-TSOP6-6-5