Cypress – CapSense®: The Market Leader in Capacitive Sensing Solutions



Every automobile manufacturer is trying to improve the aesthetics and usability of their dashboard with intuitive human-machine interfaces (HMI). Capacitive based touch switches for infotainment is one of
the latest offerings by all carmakers worldwide. CapSense (Cypress’ Capacitive Touch Technology based on PSoC) provides a flexible and cost effective solution to implement capacitive sensing, proximity detection, and capacitive touchscreens.

Cypress’ CapSense has been the market leader in capacitive sensing solutions since the introduction of the technology over 13 years ago. Throughout these years, billions of mechanical buttons have been replaced in order to make applications more robust, reliable and aesthetically pleasing.


As the pioneer in capacitive sensing solutions, Cypress has developed and delivered many advanced and unique features and technologies, which help customers deliver the best and more innovative products available in the market. SmartSense auto-tuning, liquid tolerance, and proximity sensing enable customers to create some of the most progressive interfaces available in the automotive market today.

Cypress’ PSoC-based CapSense technology provides a flexible, efficient means for implementing highly differentiated and reliable capacitive sensing and proximity detection with a single chip for automotive infotainment systems. These innovations are making the driver experience safer and more intuitive around the globe. That’s why so many of the world’s leading vehicle OEMs and suppliers choose Cypress’ capacitive touch sensing and proximity sensing solutions. CapSense allows for “cool” designs by replacing mechanical buttons with a sleeker, more refined interface for the car infotainment systems.

As the market leader, Cypress makes it easy for designers to merge new features with pre-existing mechanical platforms for functionality enhancement and vastly improved touch-based interfaces.

The fully programmable capacitive sensing solution means full flexibility for the designers and the GUI that comes with our devices ensures ease of development.

Cypress’ capacitive solutions ensure:

• Superior noise immunity and low radiated noise
• Best in class CapSense performance with superior waterproofing (on CSD)
• Ease of development and full programmability
• Enabling integration through additional analog and digital peripherals on the same chip

Typical applications include (but not limited to):

• Center consoles
• Rear seat entertainment systems
• Over-head infotainment systems