Everspin Technologies – MRAM Gives Designers Confidence That Critical Data is Protected and Retrievable in Mission Critical Systems


MRAM is both AEC-Q100 qualified and radiation tolerant, simplifying system design and increasing reliability in mission critical systems.

Aircraft engine control units, flight control computers, navigation and guidance systems, UAVs, and cockpit voice recorders all have a common requirement of storing critical data that must be retrievable under any conditions. When system power is interrupted, storage capacitors are used to keep the system powered while data is transferred to non-volatile memory (such as FLASH or EEPROM). MRAM (Magneto-resistive RAM) eliminates the need for storage capacitors because storing data in MRAM is always fast and non-volatile. With SRAM interfaces, fast write speeds, unlimited endurance, 20 year data retention, radiation tolerance, and automotive temperature ranges, MRAM is the ultimate memory solution for storing mission critical data. MRAM allows designers to store more data, more often, without the need to wear-level, while providing better system performance.

When storage capacitors are eliminated, system reliability increases and total cost of ownership is reduced.


  • No write delays
  • Unlimited write endurance
  • Data retention greater than 20 years
  • Data protection on power loss
  • Block write protection


  • Store data only once
  • No need to transfer data to non-volatile
    memory when power is lost
  • Eliminates the need for super capacitors
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces system cost

The Everspin MR25HXX family of MRAM devices is available in densities from 128Kb to 4Mb with a standard SPI protocol with no write delays and unlimited read/write endurance. Everspin’s parallel MRAMs perform like standard SRAM. With densities up to 16Mb, MRAM is the ideal memory solution for applications that require critical data logging.

SPI I/FDensityPackage
MR25H128A128Kb8-pin DFN
MR25H256256Kb8-pin DFN
MR25H101Mb8-pin DFN
MR25H404Mb8-pin DFN

SPI I/FDensityPackage
MR25H128A128Kb8-pin DFN
MR25H256256Kb8-pin DFN
MR25H101Mb8-pin DFN
MR25H404Mb8-pin DFN
MR256A08BCMA256Kb48 BGA

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