STMicroelectronics – VIPower, The intelligent way to switch


STMicroelectronics’ VIPower “smart switches” are aimed at 12V and 24V+ systems, and are similar to e-fuses with protection features that are often used in 5V systems (e.g. sequencing or protecting loads in battery powered handheld devices) or 12V systems (set top boxes, SSDs).

VIPower is an excellent fit for driving loads that operate on a 4V – 36V DC bus, and draw up to 20A of current. You may also find ST’s offering to be cost competitive even on applications that don’t require these extra features.

In addition to being able to support demanding switching needs, ST’s VIPower is available with diagnostic functions as well as the ST Exclusive “Multi-Sense” pin, available on some parts of the portfolio.

Parts with the “Multi-Sense” pin further improve the ability of the driver to sense temperature, current, and DC voltage. In all, ST’s VIPower can aid with important diagnostic and protection functions on top of low loss switching performance, which can greatly benefit many applications.

The VIPower family also offers a range of full H Bridge drivers containing similar protective features and benefits, and integrates 2 high and low side FETs in order to drive brushed DC Motors.

The wide variety of applications, cost competitiveness, and versatility of the family of parts, makes VIPower a very attractive offering for any 12V+ switching needs.