Infineon – BGT24LTR11: Ultra Low Power Sensing Using New Generation of 24GHz Radar


Sense2GoL Demo Board

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BGT24LTR11 is a Silicon Germanium radar MMIC transceiver for signal generation and reception, operating in the 24.0GHz to 24.25GHz ISM band. It is based on a 24GHz fundamental voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). The device was designed with Doppler- radar applications in mind – as it is capable of keeping the transmit signal inside the ISM band without any external PLL – and may also be used in other types of radar such as FMCW or FSK.

Radar used in motion detection applications is superior to passive infrared technology by allowing precise measurement of object detection. Radar is also superior to camera-based systems by allowing detection of the objects while keeping identities anonymous. There are multiple applications for using radar sensors to make your system smarter than the competition.

A built-in voltage source delivers a VCO tuning voltage which is proportional to absolute temper- ature (PTAT). When connected to the VCO tuning pin it compensates for the inherent frequency drift of the VCO over-temperature, thus stabiliz- ing the VCO within the ISM band and eliminating the need for a PLL/microcontroller. An integrated 1:16 frequency divider also allows for external phase lock loop VCO frequency stabilization.

It is packaged in a 16-pin leadless RoHS compliant TSNP package.

Package size reduction compared with BGT24MTR11:


Easy to Use Design Tools
• Chip evaluation board performs basic measurements (EVAL_BGT24LTR11_BOARD)
• Demo kit showcases the motion detection capability using the 24GHz radar sensing solution (Sense2GoL)


  • MMIC transceiver
  • Fully integrated low phase noise VCO
  • Built-in temperature compensation circuit for VCO stabilization
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully ESD protected device
  • Single ended RF and IF terminals
  • Single supply voltage 3.3V


  • Intelligent motion sensing
  • Precise measurement of object detection compared to PIR
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Further enabler of IoT – type motion sensing applications
  • Smallest package in industry Motion detection applications such as:
    • Building and home automation (IoT)
    • Door opening and lighting
    • Robotics
    • UAV – drone altimeter


The VCO frequency is kept within the ISM band using the internal PTAT circuit; no external PLL or tuning circuitry required for frequency stabilization. The frequency band can be shifted using an external tuning resistor. Stable performance over wide temperature range.