Renesas – IoT Sandbox – Explore The Possibilities

The Renesas IoT Sandbox is a no-cost, no-installation developer area that provides cloud connectivity with Renesas products, smartphones, and third-party web services (OpenWeatherMap, Twilio SMS, Mandrill Email, etc.).

Once logged into their Renesas IoT Sandbox accounts, users will find powerful IoT capabilities such as identity management, data storage, ability to visualize data with dashboards and, most importantly, the ability to derive intelligence from the data using flexible workflows, which unlike rules engines are 100% programmatic. Deriving intelligence from IoT data is a difficult problem to solve, but the cloud-based IDE makes it as easy as possible. Users have access to pre-built workflows in the library, or they can create their own custom workflows by writing Python scripts. With the Renesas IoT Sandbox, users can build cloud-enabled IoT prototypes in a matter of hours and no external rules engines are required to make it happen.


Renesas IoT Sandbox
Time-series event data in JSON format is ingested into the Renesas IoT Sandbox using secure REST or MQTT APIs. Using API-level identity management, you can assign different permissions from “Basic” users who can create/ retrieve/update/delete event data to “Business” users who can access all data and perform cloud-to-cloud integration. Workflows are processed on each event to enable the fastest and easiest stream processing solution. Use workflows to normalize, transform and filter your real-time data streams. All of your event data is stored for you to retrieve and consume in your workflows and applications. You can use the “Workflow Builder” to create workflows on-the-fly, leveraging pre-built templates and workflow libraries. For additional customization, simply write your own workflows using Python scripting. The Renesas IoT Sandbox includes an integrated analytics-based data store. It’s no-SQL, Schema-less and saves JSON documents into developer-defined collections. There’s also no ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) needed; the data is available for workflow consumption immediately. To visualize your event data or workflow derived data, you can create dashboards and use real-time widgets to see the data flowing in live.


Build intelligence into your IoT devices before they hit the road.

There are many ways that IoT products use data, from simple data monitoring like odometer readings, to generating personalized prescribed messages, such as an email from the dealership recommending specific service and appointment times. The Renesas IoT Sandbox has the capabilities for you to build high levels of data intelligence into your IoT product prototypes.

By pre-integrating the communication with the IoT device, smartphone, and cloud-to-cloud web services, and by providing an easy-to-use cloud-based IDE for utilizing Python workflows, the Renesas IoT Sandbox enables the fastest path from IoT concept to prototype. After developing your prototype in the Renesas IoT Sandbox, you can easily migrate to production environments with Renesas partners or any cloud provider of your choosing.

Get an IoT Starter Kit PN: YSSKS7G2E30