TE Connectivity – Powerful and Customizable Connector Selections


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With a variety of available power and signal contacts, mating sequences, and a modular design, you can design in the MULTI-BEAM XLE, MULTI-BEAM XL, or new MULTI-BEAM High Density (HD) power connectors that best fit your application needs. The TE Connectivity (TE) MULTI-BEAM family of solutions are blind-mateable, highly versatile power connectors.

These products offer high reliability and high current densities (up to 135A per contact) with options for hot-swappable applications, too. These connectors are ideal for blind-mating in modular and rack mounted systems. The high performance design meets requirements across many applications, including power distribution for compact (1U) computer servers to high-end servers, fault-tolerant computers, networking equipment, telecommunication switches, medical instrumentation, and industrial control equipment.

TE’s new MULTI-BEAM high density (HD) connectors offer a more compact design with up to 135A per power contact and feature high density power and signal which saves space and reduces overall power consumption.


  • High current density: each power contact carries up to 135A
  • High signal density: signal contact is integrated with end module, each end module can support up to 15 signals
  • Common signal module and power contact module
  • Flexible configurations with different contact quantity and positions
  • High power and low power contact types
  • Tooling platform is common for all configurations to decrease the new tooling investment
  • Much higher current per contact to decrease the cost of total current capacity
  • Flexible offset variable in receptacle side
  • Low resistance and voltage drop
  • Superior and long term reliability
  • TE consistent quality control

MULTI-BEAM XL/XLE/HD Power Distribution

  • Compact (1U) servers through high end servers
  • Fault tolerant computers
  • Networking equipment
  • Telecommunication switches
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Industrial control equipment
  • Power systems