Diodes Incorporated – AL1663/AL1663R: Dimmable LED Controller Drive Lamps up to 150W with High Power Factor


The AL1663/AL1663R is a high performance single stage flyback and Buck-boost controller, targeting dimmable
LED lighting application. It is a primary side regulation (PSR) controller which can provide accurate constant current (CC) regulation without optocoupler and secondary control circuitry. It is operating at BCM mode which results in good EMI and efficiency, and keeps high PF and low total harmonic distortion (THD) under universal input voltage.

• Primary side regulation without optocoupler
• Low start-up current
• High efficiency
• Tight output open voltage variation range
• Internal protections (OVP, UVLO, OCP, OTP, etc.)
• Valley switching for low switching loss
• High PF and low THD
• Tight LED current variation range
• Supports both PWM dimming and analog dimming
• SO-8 package