Infineon – OPTIGA™ Trust P SLJ 52ACA


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Programmable Authentication and Device Security for a Wide Range of Functions
Rising connectivity between people, machines and devices is accentuating the need for IT security. Across a broad application spectrum, device manufacturers are challenged to enhance both security and flexibility.

Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust P SLJ 52ACA is a high security and feature-rich member of the OPTIGA Trust authentication product family. As a fully programmable chip, it provides a flexible solution for a full range of security functions. These include authentication, secured updates, key generation and storage, memory integrity checks, secured boot and access control management.

Programmable Trust Anchor
OPTIGA Trust P establishes a trust anchor in embedded systems. As a hardware security microcontroller, it provides advanced and efficient protection against side-channel, fault-induction and physical attacks. It also provides the physical separation of all security functions from the main processor and offers options for access controls and memory integrity checks to enable protection against software attacks.

Enhanced Security
A wide range of cryptographic functions is available to applications running under the device’s Java Card operating system. Reference applets and host code enable quick and easy implementation of most common security functions, while the provided development tools support full customization to fit proprietary security systems. A secured implementation and management of the functionalities and applets is enabled based on the Global Platform specifications.

Protection of Embedded Systems
Along with other products in Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust and OPTIGA Trusted Platform Module (TPM) lines, OPTIGA Trust P enables protection of embedded systems against counterfeiting, unauthorized products, intentional attacks and unintentional operator errors. It supports the secure control and updating of systems, while maintaining information confidentiality and user privacy. OPTIGA Trust P is a superior solution to protect revenue streams, brand integrity and product safety.


  • High-end security controller with advanced cryptographic algorithms implemented in hardware (ECC521, RSA2048, TDES, AES)
  • Common criteria EAL 5+ (high) certification
  • Programmable Java card operating system with reference applets for a variety of use cases and host-side support
  • 150KB user memory
  • Small footprint VQFN-32 SMD package (5 x 5mm)
  • ISO 7816 UART interface


  • Industrial control systems
  • Energy generation and distribution systems
  • Healthcare equipment and networks
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home security and automation
  • Networking


OPTIGA Trust P offers a broad range of security functions:
Device Authentication
• One-way authentication
• Mutual authentication

Trust Anchor
• Secured boot
• Memory integrity

Secured Channel
• Key generation
• DH/ECDH key exchange

Information Integrity
• Command integrity
• Message integrity
• Data integrity

Audit Information
• Incident logs
• Protected storage

Lifecycle Management
• Supply chain

OPTIGA Trust P Demo Kit
The OPTIGA Trust P evaluation board includes both the OPTIGA Trust P board as well as a Java Card based tool for developing applets. Java Card IDE is an Infineon Eclipse-based programming tool providing users with a communication window and development interface. The kit can be expanded to a full development kit through an additional software download. Furthermore, there are accessible pins on the board for interfacing with individual customer host boards, as well as an optional slot for inserting further samples during the development process for additional flexibility.