Microchip – MCP2557/8FD: CAN FD Transceivers with Silent Mode


The MCP2557FD/8FD CAN family is designed for high-speed CAN FD applications with up to 8Mbps communication speed. The maximum propagation delay was improved to support longer bus length. The device meets automotive requirements for CAN FD bit rates exceeding 2Mbps, low quiescent current, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The product offers a silent mode controlled by the silent mode pin. The silent mode is used to disable the CAN transmitter. This ensures that the device doesn’t drive the CAN bus.

• Supports both classic CAN or CAN flexible data rate
• Optimized for CAN FD at 2, 5 and 8Mbps operation
• AEC-Q100 grade 0
• 1.7V to 5.5V I/O
• Detection of ground fault
• Adjustable switching frequency from 50kHz to 1.1MHz
• 24-lead 4 x 4mm QFN package
• 1k MSRP: $2.45 US
• Meets the latest ISO/DIS 11898-2:2015 specification
• Meets latest SAE J2284-4 and -5 working drafts
• Supports silent mode
• CAN bus pins are disconnected when device is unpowered
• 2 x 3 TDFN-8L, SOIC-8L and 3 x 3 DFN-8L packages