Fairchild – FAN49103: 2.5A, 1.8MHz, TinyPowerTM I2C Buck-Boost Regulator


The FAN49103 is a high efficiency buck-boost switching mode regulator which accepts input voltages either above or below the regulated output voltage. Using full bridge architecture with synchronous rectification, the FAN49103 is capable of delivering up to 2.5A while regulating the output at 3.4V. The FAN49103 exhibits seamless transition between step up and step down modes reducing output disturbances. The output voltage and operation mode of the regulator can be programmed through an I2C interface. At moderate and light loads, Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) is used to operate the device in power-save mode to maintain high efficiency. While in PWM mode, the regulator operates at a nominal fixed frequency of 1.8MHz, which allows for reduced external component values.

• 24μA typical PFM quiescent current
• 11.61mm2 total layout area
• I2C compatible interface
• 1.8MHz fixed-frequency operation in PWM mode Low quiescent current pass-through mode Automatic safety protections (UVLO, OTP, SCP, OCP)
• Above 95% efficiency
• 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage range
• 2.8V to 4.0V in 25mV steps programmable output voltage
• Forced PWM and automatic PFM/PWM mode selection
• Internal soft start and output discharge
• 1.6 x 2.0mm 20 bump WLCSP package