Infineon – 800V CoolMOSTM P7 Series: A New Benchmark in Efficiency and Thermal Performance


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The latest 800V CoolMOSTM P7 series sets a new benchmark in 800V superjunction technol- ogies and combines best-in-class performance with state-of-the-art ease-of-use, resulting from Infineon’s more than 18 years of pioneering superjunction technology innova- tion. This product family offers 0.1% to 0.6% efficiency gain and 2°C to 8°C lower MOSFET temperature as compared to 800V CoolMOSTM C3 tested in flyback based applications. Such best-in-class performance comes from a combination of various optimized device parameters such as reduced Eoss, Qg, Ciss and Coss.


Ease-of-use is an intrinsic feature designed into this product family. The integrated Zener Diode ESD protection significantly improves ESD robust- ness, thus reducing ESD-related yield loss. With best-in-class V(GS)th of 3V, CoolMOSTM P7 is easy to drive and the smallest V(GS)th variation of only ±0.5V makes it easy to design-in. This product family continues to deliver well recognized best- in-class CoolMOS quality.

In addition, CoolMOSTM P7 offers a new best-in- class RDS(on) of 280mΩ available in DPAK, more than 50% lower than the nearest 800V MOSFET competitor. This new benchmark enables higher power density designs, BOM savings, as well as lower assembly cost.


  • Best-in-class FOM RDS(on)* Eoss; reduced Qg, Ciss and Coss
  • Best-in-class DPAK RDS(on) of 280mΩ
  • Best-in-class V(GS)th of 3V and smallest V(GS)th variation of ±0.5 V
  • Integrated Zener Diode
  • ESD protection up to Class 2 (HBM)
  • Best-in-class quality and reliability
  • Fully optimized portfolio


  • Adapters
  • LEDs
  • Audio
  • Industrial SMPS
  • AUX power

Evaluation Board #EVAL_45W_19V_FLYB_P7

This 45W adapter evaluation board is intended to be a functional, form-fitting test platform for low-cost charger and adapter applications to show the operation of the IPA80R450P7 800V CoolMOSTM P7 as well as the overall controller design. The evaluation board is designed around the Infineon ICE2QS03G Quasi-Resonant (QR) Flyback controller for improved switching losses which allows higher power density designs and lower radiated and conducted emissions.


  • Topology: flyback
  • Input voltage: 90V AC to 265V AC
  • 91.0% efficiency at 230V AC
  • 89.5% efficiency at 120V AC
  • Low cost single layer design


  • Chargers/adapters
  • SMPS
RDS(on)TO-220 FullPAKTO-252 DPAKTO-220TO-247TO-251 IPAKTO-251 IPAK SLESD Class - HBMESD Class - CDM
4500IPD80R4K5P7IPU80R4K5P7Class C1 (1kV to 2kV)Class C3 (≥1kV)
1400IPA80R1K4P7IPD80R1K4P7IPD80R280P7IPU80R1K4P7IPS80R1K4P7Class C2 (2kV to 4kV)Class C3 (≥1kV)
450IPA80R450P7IPD80R450P7IPP80R450P7Class C2 (2kV to 4kV)Class C3 (≥1kV)
280IPA80R280P7IPD80R280P7IPP80R280P7IPP80R280P7Class C2 (2kV to 4kV)Class C3 (≥1kV)