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Digital multiphase power solutions for 10A to 450A applications

Easy-to-use digital multiphase controllers coupled with our smart power stage technology provide scalable solutions from 10A to 450A

Full telemetry data, monitoring and control with PMBusTM 1.3 and AVSBusTM support for smart, energy-efficient systems

Patented synthetic current control tracks phases with zero latency to respond to any load with precise current and voltage positioning, requiring 30% less capacitance than competitive devices

PowerNavigatorTM GUI software tool allows you to quickly optimize your configuration and easily store it in non-volatile memory

ApplicationDual Output DeviceCompatible InterfacesOutput Phase Configuration
AVSBusISL68137, ISL68134PMBus, AVSBusX+Y ≤ 7, X+Y ≤ 4
General PurposeISL68127, ISL68124PMBusX+Y ≤ 7, X+Y ≤ 4
SVI2ISL69147, ISL69144PMBus, AMD SVI2X+Y ≤ 7, X+Y ≤ 4
IMVP8ISL69137, ISL69134PMBus, IMVP8X+Y ≤ 7, X+Y ≤ 4
IMVP8 & VR13ISL69128PMBus, IMVP8/VR13X+Y ≤ 7
VR13ISL69127, ISL69125, ISL69124PMBus, VR136+1, X+Y ≤ 4, X+Y ≤ 4