Intersil – ISL68124: Digital Dual Output, 4-Phase Configurable, PWM Controller with PMBus



The ISL68124 is a digital dual output, flexible multiphase (X+Y ≤ 4) PWM controller supporting the latest PMBus 1.3 specifications. Either output can be configured to support any desired phase assignments up to a maximum of 4 phases across the 2 outputs (X+Y). For example, 3+1, 2+2, 2+1, or even a single output operation as a 4+0 configuration are supported. The ISL68124 utilizes Intersil’s proprietary linear synthetic digital current modulation scheme to achieve the industry’s best combination of transient response and ease of tuning while addressing the challenges of modern multiphase designs.

• Supports PMBus 1.3
• Dual edge modulation for fastest transient response
• Telemetry – VIN, VOUT, IOUT, power IN/OUT, temperature, etc.
• Flexible phase configuration
• Differential remote voltage sensing
• Output and input OV/UV protections
• Zero latency synthetic current control
• Auto phase add/drop for excellent load vs efficiency profile
• Up to 2MHz bus interface
• Diode braking for overshoot reduction
• Pulse-by-pulse phase current limiting
• Supports ISL99227 60A smart power stage