ON Semiconductor – Energy Efficient Innovations: More Than Power to You

ON Semiconductor’s recent acquisition has made significant advances in global leadership of complete power solutions. It has produced a more comprehen- sive portfolio of power discretes, integrated circuits, and modules that serve a wide voltage range in the automotive, industrial, motor control, and IoT industries.

ON Semiconductor’s new offering of high voltage MOSFETs can be found in rectification, inversion, and power factor control processes. With Super Junction technology, ON Semiconductor now provides best in class solutions for high-end AC-DC SMPS applications. Along with the high voltage MOSFETs, continuous innovation with low voltage devices are vital in power system ORings, secondary rectification, and high performance DC-DC conversion. These low voltage MOSFETs focus on the value of efficiency through the reduction of conduction and switching losses.

This range of MOSFETs along with ON Semiconductor’s current sensing op-amps, gate drivers, controllers, and isolation with optocouplers are a complete solution for power delivery. The applications for these MOSFETs can range from a server/telecom computing (pictured block diagram) to gaming systems, handheld electronic tools, and AC adapters.

Design support for MOSFETs can be found using ON Semiconductor’s Power Supply WebDesigner tool.

DeviceSuperFET IIIFCH023N65S3L4, FCH067N65S3, FCB070N65S3
Secondary RectificationT8 FETsNTMFS5H600NL
ORingT8 FETs, PT8 FETs, PT9 FETs NTMFS4H01N, FDMS8050, FDMC012N03
Current SenseCurrent Sense AmplifiersNCS199, NCS21x
Gate DriverOptocouplersFOD8332