Vishay – Optically Isolated MOSFET Driver A Low Cost, High Power Solid State Relay Solution


Vishay’s solid state relays provide optical isolation, high reliability, and silent operation. They are optimized for switching loads up to 2A. If you need to switch higher loads but want all the benefits of solid state, the VOM1271 is an ideal solution.

The VOM1271 drives the external MOSFET you select; one for DC loads or two for AC loads. Unlike conventional MOSFET drivers, the VOM1271 obtains all the required current to drive its internal circuitry from the LED current on the low voltage side of the isolation barrier. The VOM1271 features an integrated turn-off circuit to increase the overall switching speed. Finally, the VOM1271 is offered in a tiny SOP4 package.



  • Small package footprint
  • No need for external power supply
  • 8V of gate drive
  • Isolation test voltage of 4500VRMS


  • Replace mechanical relays
  • High shock/vibration tolerant power relays
  • High duty cycle medium to high power relays