Vishay – Vishay’s Power Solutions


Vishay offers a broad selection of MOSFETs and switching regulators for your power supply application. Vishay offers many industry first and industry best devices including:
• Gen IV MOSFETs (30V to 80V)
• ThunderFETTM MOSFETs (80V to 250V)
• E Series MOSFETs (600V to 650V)
• microBUCK® family switching regulators
• P- & N-Ch MOSFETs (20V to 30V)

Vishay’s rugged portfolio elevates the performance of power regulation designs in a broad range of markets. It goes beyond plug to processor and turns natural energy sources such as sunlight into electricity to enrich our lives. These products, along with sense resistors, inductors and the passive products in the Vishay portfolio provide backbones to various mission- critical designs and ensure a stable power delivery.


These products convert natural raw energy to power from wall plug to processors, covering classic power applications from 380V AC to 24V DC inputs such as:

  • AC/DC adapters
  • DC/DC converters (isolated topologies)
  • Synchronous rectification in ATX power supplies
  • Motor drive control
  • Power tools
  • Inverters
  • Solar micro inverters
  • OR-ing in redundant power architecture for telecommunication equipment and servers
  • Circuit and reverse polarity protection for 24V to 48V battery
  • Battery and load switching in battery management modules
  • Class-D amplifiers using half or full bridge topologies
  • Charging stations for e-vehicles