Cypress – PSoC MCU Dev Kit Featuring Capacitive-Sensing Buttons and Wireless Connectivity


A new prototyping kit from Cypress enables customers to evaluate and develop projects using the PSoC 4000S, a family of PSoC MCU controller ICs.

PSoC 4000S devices feature an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor core, up to 32KB of Flash memory, 4KB SRAM, up to 36 general purpose I/Os all capable of CapSense® capacitive sensing technology, as well as six programmable analog blocks and seven programmable digital blocks. The PSoC CreatorTM Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enables rapid prototyping of end applications based on a PSoC 4000S device while minimizing the requirement for PCB spins and firmware changes.

The PSoC MCU includes 16 Smart I/OsTM which provide pin-level Boolean operations on input and output signals, even when the device is in deep sleep. It also offers a programmable interconnect and routing sub-system which can be configured in the PSoC Creator IDE.

The introduction of the PSoC 4000S prototyping kit (part number CY8CKIT-145-40XX) offers an open-footprint break-out board which enables the designer to take advantage of all the features of the PSoC 4000S.

The board includes the following features:
• Three CapSense buttons
• A five-segment CapSense slider
• LEDs to provide feedback
• Capacitors to support development of CapSense touch-sensing applications
• Bypass capacitor to ensure high-quality analog-to-digital conversion
• A push-button to provide a simple user input
• Load capacitors to connect the 32kHz external crystal oscillator
• A Cypress EZ-BLE® PRoCTM radio module for Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity


The PSoC 4000S prototyping kit also integrates the Cypress KitProg2, which enables on-board programming, debugging and USB-to-UART and USB-to-I2C bridging. KitProg2 is used to program and debug the target PSoC 4000S/EZ-BLE PRoC devices. The fabrication of the PSoC 4000S kit allows the user to snap away the KitProg2 board from the PSoC 4000S target board.


  • PSoC 4000S device, part number CY8C4045AZI-S413
  • USB connector
  • 5V USB power supply
  • Current-measurement jumper


  • Industrial equipment
  • Wearable devices
  • Home appliances
  • Consumer devices