Diodes Incorporated – AL8860: Constant Current DC/DC LED Driver with Low Standby Power Mode


The AL8860 is a hysteresis mode DC/DC step down converter, designed for driving single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage. The device can operate from an input supply between 4.5V and 40V and provide an externally adjustable output current up to 1A for TSOT25 package and 1.5A for MSOP-8EP package. Depending upon supply voltage and external components, this converter can provide up to 40W output power.

• 4.5V to 40V input voltage range
• Typical 5% output current accuracy
• 5% ~100% analog dimming range
• Up to 97% efficiency
• Inherent open-circuit LED protection
• Up to 1MHz switching frequency
• Up to 1.5A output current
• Single pin for on/off and brightness control
• Soft start
• LED short protection
• Over-temperature protection (OTP)
• TSOT25 and MSOP-8EP packages