Infineon – 1EDN7512: Gate Driver IC Offers Industry- Leading Low Power Consumption and High Robustness


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The 1EDN7512 is an advanced single channel driver designed to drive logic and normal level MOSFETs and supports OptiMOSTM, CoolMOSTM, Standard Level MOSFETs, Superjunction MOSFETs, as well as IGBTs and GaN Power devices. The control and enable inputs are LV-TTL compatible (CMOS 3.3V) with an input voltage range from -5V to +20V. The 1EDN7512 enhances system stability by offering -10V input pin robustness which protects the driver against latch-up or electrical overstress induced by parasitic ground inductances.

• 5ns slew rate
• 19ns propagation delay
• 4.5V to 20V supply voltage
• 5A reverse current
• 4.2V and 8V UVLO options
• 8A sink and 4A source driver capability
• -10V input voltage capability
• SOT23 6-pin, 5-pin and WSON 6-pin packages