Infineon – Extremely Low Standby Power Consumption Based on CoolSET Current Mode Controller


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The fast growing market around the Internet of Things (IoT) covers a wide range of applications. All of them have one thing in common, namely the ability to collect and exchange data with each other. The microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, etc. embedded in each of the devices stay connected to the network at all times. They are supplied by an efficient low power low standby power supply for which the Infineon CoolSET family of integrated off-line power supply ICs is ideally suited.

In this reference design, the Infineon CoolSET ICE3RBR4765JG is used as a current mode Flyback controller. It has a built-in 650V CoolMOSTM. This application operates in Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM), running at 65kHz switching frequency. The output is a single 5V, 600mA supply. Active burst mode operation provides extremely low standby power consumption,



  • Power conversion with solid performance and more • Input voltage range: 180V AC to 265V AC
  • Efficiency: >75%
  • EMI compliant with EN55022 class B
  • Standby power: <13mW
  • VOUT ripple (peak-to-peak): <100mV
  • Small form factor (board dimensions): 50 x 23.5 x 14mm (L x W x H)
  • Auto restart protection modes:
    - VCC over-/under-voltage
    - IC over-temperature
    - Overload
    - Open loop


  • Applications related to the Internet of Things (IoT) standby power supply
  • Power supply for microcontrollers
  • Power supply for standalone sensors operating on a wired/wireless interface bus
  • USB power supply embedded in a wall plug
  • Intelligent wall plug switched by wireless (with relay)
  • Metering applications
  • General applications with small form factor in the power range 1W to 3W
TypeDescriptionOrdering code
REF-3W-IOT-COOLSETPower supply 3W 5V reference designSP001642672