Intersil – ISL76534: 14-Channel Programmable Gamma Buffer for Infotainment and ADAS Displays


The ISL76534 provides engineers with one VCOM and 14 gamma channels with 10-bit resolution for fine-tuning the gamma curve. LCD panels that are not properly gamma corrected often appear bleached out or too dark. Engineers employ the ISL76534 to calibrate and store the gamma curve, guaranteeing that each LCD powers up and displays eye-pleasing images. The ISL76534’s internal EEPROM stores the factory-calibrated gamma and VCOM reference values, and enables significantly higher reliability than competitive devices by offering 10,000 write cycles and 20 years of data retention at +105°C.

• 14-channel gamma references
• High output current VCOM amplifier
• Read/write capable over 2.25V to 3.6V DVDD range
• 2.25V to 3.6V digital supply operating range
• 75dB power supply rejection ratio (PSRR)
• 1-channel VCOM calibrator with 10-bit resolution
• 12mW quiescent power, at 8V AVDD
• 6.3V to 19V analog supply operating range
• 28 Ld 4 x 5mm super thin X2QFN package
• 1k MSRP: $1.99 US