ON Semiconductor – LV8811/13: Next Generation Fan Motor Drivers


The LV8811/13 are 3-phase BLDC motor drivers with 180° sinusoidal waveforms. Designed for use in cooling fans of household appliances such as refrigerators, as well as games consoles and computing equipment, the LV8811 and LV8813 have voltage ranges of 3.6V to 16V and 6V to 16V respectively. These highly integrated, software-less motor drivers simplify motor control circuit design by eliminating software development time. In addition, these devices reduce acoustic noise and vibra- tion, and enable deployment of energy efficient motor controls. They can be controlled by a single Hall sensor, reducing system costs. Motor speed can be set by either a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal or a DC voltage.

• 3-phase full wave (sinusoidal) drive
• Built-in power FETs (P-MOS/N-MOS)
• Minimum input PWM duty cycle can be configured by voltage input
• Soft PWM duty cycle transitions
• Regulated voltage output pin for Hall sensor bias
• Built-in locked rotor protection and auto recovery circuit
• Any practical combination of slot and pole
• Speed control function via direct PWM or DC voltage input
• Soft start-up and soft shutdown functions
• Built-in current limit and thermal protection circuit
• 2k MSRP: $0.938 US