Renesas – Simplify Your User Interface Design Efforts With The Renesas Synergy Platform Featuring The GUIX Studio


How will GUIX Studio help me?
GUIX Studio provides a complete WYSIWYG screen design environment. This simple, yet powerful, Express Logic PC software design tool is included as part of the Renesas Synergy Platform at no extra cost. Drag-and-drop graphical elements are used to build user-interface screens, a process that is quicker and easier than programming a complete HMI using the GUIX APIs. This simplified screen-build process allows graphic artists and other non-programmers to produce professional GUIs, giving software engineers more time to focus on higher priority system design tasks.

Benefits of GUIX Studio

  • WYSIWYG screen design environment
  • GUIX runtime library leverages the Synergy MCU’s 2D Graphics Engine, achieving high performance
  • Easy drag-and-drop design process
  • Font generation tools included
  • Multiple language support
  • PNG & JPEG graphics importable
  • Rich set of pre-built widgets: buttons, lists, icons, sliders, gauges, etc.
  • Automatic code generation for PC-based or Renesas Synergy target hardware-based operation
  • Same code used for PC and Target HW
  • PC-based ThreadX® and GUIX frame-work for accurate prototyping
  • Identical drawing functions on both PC and Synergy HW


Why choose the Renesas Synergy Platform?
Renesas Synergy is a comprehensive platform that integrates a real-time operating system, middleware and other software with a family of highly scalable microcontrollers, as well as development tools designed to improve productivity. This tight coupling, along with a wide range of application and product examples, allows you to focus on innovation and deliver differentiated products faster than ever before.