Infineon – BGS1xPN10 Family for Mobile Cellular Rx/Tx Applications (High Linearity/RF Switches, SPDT, SP3T and SP4T)


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The BGS12PN10 single pole dual throw (SPDT), the BGS13PN10 single pole triple throw (SP3T) and the BGS14PN10 single pole quad throw (SP4T) are high linearity, high power RF switches optimized for mobile phone applications up to 6.0GHz.

These single supply chips integrate on-chip CMOS logic driven by a simple, CMOS or TTL compatible control input signal. Unlike GaAs technology, the 0.1dB compression point exceeds the switch maximum input power level, resulting in linear performance at all signal levels, and external DC blocking capacitors at the RF ports are only required if DC voltage is applied externally.

The BGS12PN10, BGS13PN10 and BGS14PN10 enable critical band combinations for UL (B1 + B3), (B2 + B4), DL-CA (B4 + B12) and SV-LTE (B5 + B13). These devices handle very high transmitting signal levels of up to 40dBm, while at the same time exhibiting low losses to conserve battery power. Ultra high linearity devices have a significant impact on system sensitivity. For instance, 3dBm more linearity in the whole RF-front-end leads to 6dB better signal-to-noise ratio. Hence, data rate speed is improved by up to 40% allowing a step e.g. from 20Mbps (QAM16 4/5) to 33Mbps (QAM64 4/5). The BGS12PN10, BGS13PN10 and BGS14PN10 stand for best in class ISO and IL performance across all frequencies.


  • Ultra-high linearity: > 0.5GHz to 6.0GHz
  • Best in class linearity of up to 76dBm IP3
  • High power handling: 40dBm CW at 900MHz
  • 0.26dB IL at 2.7GHz
  • >30dB isolation at 2.7GHz


  • Mobile cellular Rx/Tx applications
  • Optimized for main path and entire RF-front-end without any power restrictions in mobile communications:
    - DL/UL CA and MIMO
    - HPUE 26dBm devices (high power Tx)
    - Micro/pico cells/cellular base stations
    - RF test equipment



  • Improved system sensitivity through very low harmonics and inter-modulation product generation
  • Ultra-high linearity in critical mobile cellular applications, e.g. 3dBm higher IP3 improves data rate by 40%
  • Optimized solution for special cases as UL-CA, HPUE, SV-LTE and for critical band combinations UL-CA: B1 + B3 and B2 + B4; DL-CA: B4 + B12; SV-LTE: B5 + B13
  • Up to 50% smaller form factor than same performance-class competition – reduced PCB space consumption
  • Family approach SPDT, 3T, 4T offers significant cost advantages based on pin-2-pin scalability and flexibility for different design variants