METZ Connect – High Performance C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro


The C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro from METZ CONNECT is the ideal solution for structured cabling, AV equipment, security, and Industrial Ethernet terminations. It provides reliable connections and is extremely simple to install on site without requiring special tools.

METZ CONNECT offers the C6A RJ45 field plug in a straight 180°, P/N 130E405032-E and a variable 360°, P/N 130E405042-E. Due to their compact design, the two field plug variants are suitable for multiport applications and can be used in extremely confined spaces. To provide a reliable flow of data, both versions of the C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro are shielded against external EMC interference by a die-cast zinc housing. The C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro offers the transmission technology features of Cat 6A in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2:2011-06 (Class EA) and is therefore suited for transmission up to 10GB. Power over Ethernet is possible with the variants PoE, PoE+ and UPoE.

• Suitable for 10Gbps Ethernet
• Cat 6A performance
• Suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE+ and UPoE)
• Crimpless field termination
• Compact design
• Die-cast zinc housing
• Rugged and snagless locking clasp
• Color coded wire diagram ensures error free connection for T568A and T568B industrial wiring
• Re-terminate wires of same size or larger