Renesas – RTOS and Middleware. It’s All Included with the Synergy Platform.


Real-time operating system is optimized for size, performance, and ease of use on Synergy MCUs

The Synergy Platform integrates Express Logic’s popular ThreadX® real-time operating system. This RTOS ensures reliable system operation, supports an API that allows portability across Synergy MCUs, and minimizes the length of system development cycles. ThreadX RTOS features an extremely fast, commercial multitasking real-time kernel with preemptive scheduling and a small memory footprint.

Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS Features
Small FLASH footprint
• Less than 2 KB on Synergy processor families

Small RAM requirements
• Minimum of

Fast Context Switch
• 0.7 ms on Synergy S7G2 MCU Group

Optimized for Synergy MCUs with stack bounds checking and Cortex®-M optimizations

Intuitive API

Multiple scheduling algorithms (Fully Preemptive, Round-Robin, Preemption-Threshold™)

Real-time event trace

Fully deterministic

Certified by SGS-TUV Saar for use in safety-critical systems according to IEC-61508 SIL 4, IEC-62304 SW Safety Class C, ISO 26262 ASIL D and EN 50128


Conquer the integration gap with the Synergy Platform

A major benefit of the Synergy Software Package is that it eliminates the laborious R&D work associated with bridging the integration gap. This thoroughly engineered solution makes it unnecessary to write the critical code that unites stacks with I/O drivers, handles GUI frameworks with touch-screen drivers, and manages other system peripherals so IoT applications work predictably and reliably.



Advanced commercial-grade middleware and network stack included

Synergy Software includes Express Logic’s X-Ware™, a complete set of commercial-grade middleware products. The easy-to-use NetX™, FileX®, USBX™, GUIX®, and TraceX® software products are all fully licensed, with no runtime royalties, and fully supported.

NetX Duo™, a streamlined TCP/IP stack, provides both IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities. Its unique Piconet™ architecture links into the final image only those services and protocols actually used by the application. NetX Duo achieves “Near Wire Speed” performance on the independent Iperf benchmark suite and has obtained IPv6 Ready Logo certification.


NetX Duo IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP Networking

Optimized IPv4/IPv6 Dual TCP/IP stack for embedded systems

Small footprint, ThreadX-optimized performance

“Near Wire Speed” on Iperf network throughput benchmark

TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, RARP, IGMP, and ICMP core support

Network configuration protocols

DHCP client/server (dynamic address allocation)
• DHCPv6 (client only)
• SNTP (network time protocol)

Domain name services
• DNSv6
• NAT (private network extension)

An RTOS can provide benefits

Using an RTOS provides numerous benefits. It ensures system reliability and delivers fast, guaranteed real-time responsiveness that preserves system performance in time-critical situations. In most cases, an RTOS is better than application code for handling interrupts, implementing scheduling, and performing other tasks. In all but the simplest embedded designs, a real-time operating system actually reduces application overhead. Additional benefits include accelerated system development, easier feature upgrades, and simplified application ports.