Susumu – 0.01%, 2ppm (TCR) and Unmatched Reliability


Susumu’s RG series, the best performing and most reliable thin film chip resistors in the market have gotten even better. The new URG series offers significant improvement in reliability as well as TCR linearity.

Electrical Characteristics
The URG series, like its cousin RGLL, boasts the industry’s best absolute tolerance ±0.01%, and smallest TCR ±2ppm/°C, as thin film chip resistors. Because it is made of thin film, it maintains all the thin film advantages such as low noise (-25dB to -35dB) and frequency performance (up to 1GHz). In addition, the URG series shows superb linearity in TCR as shown.

Package size: EIA standard 0603, 0805 and 1206

The RG series has excellent reliability and the URG‘s reliability is even better. For example, the maximum drift for load life (+70°C, 2000 hours) is specified as ±0.02% (RG ±0.05%), the humidity bias (85/85, 2000 hours) drift is specified as ±0.05% (RG ±0.1%, refer to the graph), the temperature cycle drift (-65°C/+150°C, 100 cycles) is specified as ±0.02% (RG ±0.1%), and the high temperature exposure (+155°C, 100 hours) drift is specified as ±0.02% (RG ±0.1%). The URG series is also highly stable under any environmental conditions including sulfuric atmosphere.


For applications that require extreme precision and reliability such as precision industrial instrumentation, test and measuring instrumen- tation, automotive electronics, and laboratory grade scales, now you have a choice among Susumu’s highly precise and highly reliable resistor trio: RG-PV (0.02%, 5ppm), RG-LL (0.01% 2ppm), and the most advanced URG series (0.01%, 2ppm + ultra reliability).