American Zettler – How Do You Save Money and Power in Relay Switching Applications?


Step Up Your Relay Board Design by Stepping Down Your Power Consumption with Relays from Zettler

American Zettler’s Low Power Series relays slash the power consumption of standard electromechanical relays without compromising UL recognized contact ratings. With fractional watt coil draw, Zettler’s super-sensitive relays can be an effective alternative to latching relays without the need for state sensing circuitry. In addition, when multiple relays are used on a board, the low power relays from Zettler allow the designer to downsize the power supply.

• Drastically reduced coil power consumption
• Industry standard footprints
• Less expensive than latching options
• No need for fail-state detection
• Perfect for wireless applications
• Ideal for boards with multiple relays

AZ9405: 150mW coil consumption, 5A switching capacity

AZ7555: 120mW coil consumption, 15A switching capacity