Diodes Incorporated – AL1692: Triac-Dimmable LED Controller and Driver Drives LED Lamps


The AL1692 is a high performance, high power factor, high efficiency and high precision buck-boost LED driver for mains dimmable LED lamp applications. Its topology provides an accurate output current over wide line and load regulation. The wide switching frequency operates at boundary conduction mode (BCM) to ease EMI/EMC design, and testing to meet the latest regulatory standards. The AL1692 integrated built-in MOSFET reduces the bill of material (BOM) cost by eliminating the need for auxiliary winding and an external high voltage MOSFET. In addition, the AL1692 also has extensive protection features to enhance system safety and reliability.

• Drive power up to 25W for controller
• 4Ω and 2.8Ω RDS(ON)
• 100μA start-up current
• Single winding inductor
• NEMA SSL6 dimming curve compliant
• Leading edge blanking (LEB)
• BCM operation for high efficiency and ease EMI/EMC design
• ±3% current sense tolerance
• 210μA operation current
• Wide range of dimmer compatibility
• Under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
• SO-8 (controller) and SO-7 (with MOSFET) package