Diodes Incorporated – AP22811/804/814: 2.0A, 2.5A and 3.0A Power Switches for USB Port Protection


Supporting load currents of 2.0A, 2.5A and 3.0A, respectively, this family of devices protects USB ports against overcurrent, short circuit and over-temperature conditions and prevents system damage due to reversed currents or voltages. A typical RDS(ON) of 50mΩ ensures the AP22811/804/814 load switches incur minimal voltage drop and power loss while also providing a fast response to fault conditions. The devices provide a built-in soft start with a 0.6s rise time and an integrated output discharge function controls the complete discharge of the output voltage capacitor.

• 2.7V to 5.5V input voltage range
• Built-in soft start with 0.6ms typical rise time
• 2KV HBM, 200V MM ESD protection
• OCP, OTP and short circuit protections
• IEC60950-1 CB scheme certified
• 50mΩ on-resistance
• Fault report (FLG) with blanking time (6ms typ)
• Active low (B) or active high (A) enable
• UL recognized, file number E322375
• SOT-25 and MSOP-8 and DFN2020-6 packages