Intersil – ISL94202: Highly Integrated Multi-Cell Battery Pack Monitor


The ISL94202 is a 3-to-8 cell battery pack monitor that supports lithium-ion (Li-ion) and other battery chemistries used in applications such as vacuum cleaners, lawn equipment, handheld power tools, e-bikes, scooters, toys, and energy storage systems. It operates as a standalone battery protection system using an internal state machine with five pre-programmed modes for accurately balancing and controlling each battery cell. The ISL94202 monitors and protects the battery pack from catastrophic events such as hardware faults, short circuit conditions, and cell voltage overcharge/overdischarge and meets the UL2054, UL2271/72 and IEC62133 specified pack safety requirements.

• Supports Li-ion CoO2, Li-ion Mn2O4, and Li-ion FePO4 battery chemistries
• Standalone pack control, no microcontroller required
• Programmable detection/recovery times for over-voltage, under-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit conditions
• Open battery connect detection
• Integrated charge/discharge FET drive circuitry with built-in charge pump
• Integrated cell voltage level shift, automatic cell balance, 14-bit ADC, current sense monitor, power FET control, and temperature sensor interface
• Multiple cell voltage protection options up to 4.8V
• Configuration/calibration registers stored in EEPROM
• Operates over the -40°C to +85°C
• 1k MSRP: $2.19 US