Magnum – Simple and Scalable Lighting Control Solutions


Benefits of the Magnum Energy Solutions lighting control portfolio:
• Ability to implement a stand-alone system without requiring a gateway
• Impervious to interference from standard 2.4 GHz wireless technologies, excellent range and secure
• True scalability from building floor to entire building
• Support for LED driver control signals such as Xitanium SR, 0-10V, DALI and PWM
• Easy, seamless integration to BACnet-based building automation platforms
• Proven technology leveraging the open, EnOcean standard
• Free PC, iOS, Android software for monitoring, reporting and demand response where applicable


Product TypePart Number *Description
ControllersMx-OPUS-DRD **OPUS Node for Xitanium SR drivers, supports wired sensors
ControllersMx-OPUS-MLD **OPUS Node with sensor for Xitanium SR drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-MLDE **OPUS Node with sensor for troffer retrofit for Xitanium SR drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-MLDHB **OPUS Node for high bays for Xitanium SR drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-CyMLD **Wet location w/sensor for y=H (high bay), y=L (low bay) for Xitanium SR drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-HBKODFixture mounted wet location w/sensor for Xitanium SR drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-DRDLVOPUS Node for DALI drivers powered by 12-24Vdc or Vac
ControllersMx-OPUS-DRDHVOPUS Node for DALI drivers powered by 100-277Vac
ControllersMx-OPUS-10V12(-2)OPUS Node for single (or two) channel for 0-10V dim-to-off drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-DR10VOPUS Node with sensor for 0-10V dim-to-off drivers, supports wired sensors
ControllersMx-OPUS-ML10VOPUS Node with sensor for 0-10V dim-to-off drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-ML10VHBOPUS Node for high bays for 0-10V dim-to-off drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-CyML10VWet location w/sensor, y=H (high bay), y=L (low bay) for 0-10V dim-to-off drivers
ControllersMx-OPUS-HBKO10VFixture mounted wet location w/sensor for 0-10V dim-to-off drivers
ControllersMx-UyR-L3(PWM)0-10V (or PWM) relay where y=S (single channel), y=T (two channel)
ControllersMx-USR-LM0-10V relay with power and thermal metering
SensorsMx-ML2Wireless motion/lux sensor (compatible with all controllers)
SensorsMx-EOSWWireless wall-mount motion sensor (compatible with all controllers)
SensorsMx-OPUS-yPMLWired wet location motion/lux sensor, y=H (high bay), y=L (low bay)
SwitchesMx-ESRP/EDRPWireless one or two channel light switch
SwitchesMx-SW1/SW2Wireless one or two channel light switch
SwitchesMx-ASW1/ASW2Wireless one or two channel light switch
SwitchesMx-EKCSWireless key card switch
GatewaysMx-EBOXeBox for interface to BACnet building automation system
GatewaysMx-AP2Access Point for PC / tablet / smartphone control and monitoring
GatewaysMx-CBOXGateway to interface to Amazon AWS cloud service
GatewaysMx-VBOXMini computer with embedded router and Access Point for test sites
SetupMx-USBWireless USB dongle for remote configuration software

* The “x” in the part number describes the EnOcean radio frequency. x=9 is 902 MHz for North America; x=8 is 868 MHz for Europe and China; x=J is 928 MHz for Japan.

** A DALI power supply is required to power the DALI bus for standard DALI drivers where this is not required for the Xitanium SR drivers.