ON Semiconductor – LED Direct AC Drive Solutions


What is a direct AC driver (DACD) for LEDs? Let’s first start with the more traditional approach for LED lighting with an AC source. This traditional approach is called Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and generates a regulated output current. This SMPS driver requires electrolytic capacitors, magnetic components, and EMI filters. In addition, it must sit upon a second PCB board removed from the main PCB board that contains the LEDs.


DACD in comparison connects the LEDs directly to the AC line input, channeling regulated current through more and more LEDs as AC line increases. DACD does not require additional boards, parts, or filters. This, as a result, provides significant cost reduction and simplifies the design process.

ON Semiconductor’s new LED Direct AC Drive products provide cost effective integrated circuit solutions that enable phase-cut dimming, analog dimming and PWM dimming capabilities for smart commercial lighting applications. The FL779xx family provides solid state lighting solutions that have smaller form factors, scalable power, high performance, and longer system lifetimes. These solutions can scale power from 12W to 120W, reducing the number of different ICs that customers need to have in their inventory. They can also be tuned for low flicker without compromise on the PF and THD performance.


  • Lower cost of ownership and smaller footprint
  • Reduced BOM increases reliability
  • High PF (>0.9), low THD (<20%)
  • Excellent EMI
  • Phase-cut dimming
  • Analog and PWM dimming
  • Supports smart lighting system controls
  • High quality of light
  • Flexible LED configuration


  • Down lights
  • High bay lights
  • Troffers
  • Street lights, tunnel lights, and outdoor lighting


  • Evaluation boards
  • Reference designs
  • Printed and video quick start guides
  • Driver design simulation tool support
    - Direct AC
    - Self-valley fill
    - Flicker performance
Part #DescriptionTapsMax Power Ratings (at 120VAC)
FL77904Compact LED DACD49W
FL77905Analog/PWM dimmable compact LED DACD310W
FL77944Analog/PWM dimmable high power LED DACD418W