Renesas – Enabling Intelligence, Efficiency and Power Factor with DALI and DMX


RL78 for Lighting Applications

Devices in the RL78/I1A product group offer dedicated lighting-communication features and power-stage control capabilities. They can communicate with a host controller for altering lighting intensity and/or color.

• High-resolution PWM timers enable excellent lighting control performance
• Support for the DALI/DMX512 communication standard aids system integration
• Features of the power stage control include the 64 MHz Timer KB, which provides dithering (0.98 nsec quasi resolution), soft-start turn-on, comparator triggered stop, zero-current detection and timer restart options
• Free Windows® based Applilet software facilitates designs for remotely controllable lighting installations
• High-temperature support (105oC and 125oC)


RL78 – True Low-Power Microcontroller Family

Consisting of both general-purpose and application-specific devices, the Renesas RL78 microcontroller family is ideal for applications other than lighting. These increasingly popular MCUs make ultra-low-power applications possible by giving system designers advanced power-saving features and high-performance operation. Such capabilities as an innovative snooze mode that allows serial communication and ADC operation while the CPU is inactive make RL78 MCUs demonstrably superior solutions for a vast array of battery-powered applications.


Why RL78?
• Best-in-class performance for superior designs and low power
• Scalability of package, memory and peripheral features
• System cost-saving features
• Wide voltage and temperature operation
• On-chip safety features